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Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 8 runs Highlights SRH vs RCB IPL 2016 FINAL

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 8 runs Highlights SRH vs RCB IPL 2016 FINAL

Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 8 runs Highlights SRH vs RCB IPL 2016 FINAL

SRH won the IPL 2016 Final by 8 runs.Opening of RCB was very power full when Gayle and Kohli was on pitch but their their wickets full team also gone and SRH bowlers show their full power to make champion. RCB lose plot in chase against SRH in Bangalore. Chris Gayle 76 in 38 balls and Virat kohli 54 runs in 35 balls doesn make RCB to chase 208 runs against Hyderabad. Ben Cutting was the hero of todays match he made 39 runs in 15 balls also taken taken 2 wickets. Cutting is also Man of the match. Warner is absolutely elated and the entire SRH team runs to the middle to join their heroes. Before this ball, Sachin Baby, after getting to the non-striker's end, was seen crying. This is a heart-break if I may call that so, after that sort of a start by RCB and many would have expected this power-packed batting line-up to hunt this down easily but SRH have been rewarded for not panicking.


Royal Challengers Bangalore
Batsman    R(B)    4s    6s    SR
Gayle    76(38)    4    8    200.00
c Bipul Sharma b Ben Cutting
Kohli(c)    54(35)    5    2    154.29
b Barinder
de Villiers    5(6)    0    0    83.33
c Henriques b Bipul Sharma
Rahul(wk)    11(9)    1    0    122.22
b Ben Cutting
Watson    11(9)    0    1    122.22
c Henriques b Mustafizur
Sachin Baby    18(10)    1    1    180.00
not out
Binny    9(7)    0    1    128.57
run out (Deepak Hooda/N Ojha)
Jordan    3(4)    0    0    75.00
run out (N Ojha)
I Abdulla    4(2)    1    0    200.00
not out


Sunrisers Hyderabad
Batsman    R(B)    4s    6s    SR
Warner(c)    69(38)    8    3    181.58
c I Abdulla b Aravind
Dhawan    28(25)    3    1    112.00
c C Jordan b Chahal
Henriques    4(5)    0    0    80.00
c Chahal b C Jordan
Yuvraj    38(23)    4    2    165.22
c Watson b C Jordan
Deepak Hooda    3(6)    0    0    50.00
c Kohli b Aravind
Ben Cutting    39(15)    3    4    260.00
not out
N Ojha(wk)    7(4)    1    0    175.00
run out (Watson)
Bipul Sharma    5(3)    1    0    166.67
c Chahal b C Jordan
Bhuvneshwar    1(1)    0    0    100.00
not out

Ben Cutting Highlights IPL 2016 FINAL RCB vs SRH

IPL 2016 final, RCB vs SRH Live Score: Sunrisers pip Bangalore to clinch maiden title. RCB lose plot in chase against SRH in Bangalore. IPL 2016 has more been about powerful batting performances than fielding and bowling. Sunrisers Hyderabad are 2016 Indian Premier League champions!. Bangalore: A great effort by the Royal Challengers Bangalore to claim victory, but it was ultimately Sunrisers' fierce persistence which won them the 2016 IPL title.  Orange Army beat RCB by 8 runs. The SRH players are out there in a huddle, jumping and singing in jubilation. Some celebration there at the Chinnaswamy. IPL 2016 FINAL MATCH HIGHLIGHTS Video Download.


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