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ICC T20 World Cup 2016 All Match Prediction

ICC T20 World Cup 2016 All Match Prediction

ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 Full Match Prediction With Final Match Prediction

T20 World Cup is Going to Start and and every one wants their country wins as I am Indian so i want that INDIA will . 
These Predicitons are not connected with any thing, these are my mind prediciton coming out by seeing previous performance of team. 
West Indies vs England Final Highlights 2016  
Date Fixture Prediction Venue
8th March 2016 Zimbabwe v Hong Kong Zimbabwe will win Nagpur
8th March 2016 Scotland v Afghanistan Scotland will win Nagpur
9th March 2016 Bangladesh v Netherlands Bangladesh will win Dharamsala
9th March 2016 Ireland v Oman Ireland will win Dharamsala
10th March 2016 Scotland v Zimbabwe Scotland will win Nagpur
10th March 2016 Hong Kong v Afghanistan Afghanistan will win Nagpur
11th March 2016 Netherlands v Oman Oman will win Dharamsala
111th March 2016 Bangladesh v Ireland Bangladesh will win Dharamsala
12th March 2016, Saturday Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Zimbabwe will win Nagpur
12th March 2016, Saturday Scotland v Hong Kong Scotland will win Nagpur
13th March 2016, Saturday Netherlands v Ireland Ireland will win Dharamsala
13th March 2016, Saturday Bangladesh v Oman Bangladesh will win Dharamsala
15th March 2016, New Zealand v India India will win Nagpur
16th March 2016 West Indies v England England will win Mumbai
16th March 2016 Pakistan v Q1A Pakistan will win Kolkata
17th March 2016 Sri Lanka v Q1B Sri Lanka will win Kolkata
18th March 2016 Australia v New Zealand Australia will win Dharamsala
19th March 2016,Saturday India v Pakistan INDIA will win Mumbai
20th March 2016, South Africa v Q1B South Africa will win Dharamsala
20th March 2016, Sri Lanka v West Indies Sri Lankawill win Bengaluru
21th March 2016, Australia v Q1A India will win Bengaluru
22th March 2016, New Zealand v Pakistan New Zealand will win Mohali
23rd March 2016, England v Q1B England will win New Delhi
23rd March 2016, India v Q1A India will win Bengaluru
25th March 2016, Pakistan v Australia Australia will win Mohali
25th March 2016, South Africa v West Indies South Africa will win Nagpur
26th March 2016, Q1A v New Zealand New Zealand will win Kolkata
26th March 2016, England v Sri Lanka Sri Lanka will win New Delhi
27th March 2016, India v Australia INDIA will winMohali
27th March 2016 Q1B v West Indies West Indies will win Nagpur
28th March 2016, South Africa v Sri Lanka South Africa will win New Delhi

Knock Stages Round teams Prediction:

South Africa
Sri Lanka

Semi Final Round team prediction:

South Africa
Sri Lanka

Final Match teams prediction:


T20 Cricket World Cup 2016 Champion Prediction:


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